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Ba Humbug!! ;)

There is something about Christmas parties that brings out the Scrooge in me. I have 2 down and 2 to go. After Saturday the “fun” will be all over. Maybe it’s just that I am going to all of the wrong kinds of parties. Yes, I am complaining, but I am “The Russian Judge,” so get over it. ;)First of all, I am confirmed for a party Saturday that I never said I would attend. It is a party that an older family member’s friend is throwing. Up until yesterday I had never seen an invitation for this party. I didn’t know what time, or even the date. How am I supposed to plan around something that doesn’t actually exist in my mind yet? Yesterday I got a forwarded email from someone else who is attending the party with a p.s. at the bottom saying, “I don’t have Rachel’s email address so could you please forward the message.” Yes, that makes me feel like coming. If it is so important that I am to come, you couldn’t have given me more warning then 3 days? I find it ironic that I have been lectured to (by these same people, no less) about the younger generation having no respect for the older generation. Well if you would like respect, kindly give us a good example to follow. :)Secondly, company Christmas parties are the biggest joke ever invented. You don’t have to go, but you don’t really have a choice either. If you don’t go, you get phone calls for 3 months from other co-workers asking, ” Why weren’t you there?” or “We sure did miss you at the Christmas party.” So the alternative is to bite the bullet, hitch on a grin, and attend only to watch co-workers get toasted and make complete fools of themselves. Alcohol should definitely be banned at company parties.

Allright, I was mostly having fun with that but it does feel good to rant a little. Merry Christmas everyone, may God’s love shine on you during the Christmas season and all year long. Cheers!!

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The Cat and the Christmas Tree

Friday night we came home exhausted from a company Christmas party. We sat down on the couch to watch some episodes of Felicity but soon sleep overcame us. Around midnight Brandon shook me awake, “Rachel, the cat is in the tree” he said groggily. In my half-awake state, I thought he was speaking gibberish in his sleep. I looked over to the fully decorated and lit Christmas tree to see Chu lying placidly in full ‘tucked’ position about 2 feet up in the tree. Now I might expect that from a curious kitten but no, our 6 year old cat is boldly lying there blinking innocently at us. No wonder there is a great gaping ‘hole’ in the branches. I yelled at her and she immediately high-tailed it under the bed to escape the wrath of the squirt bottle. She believes we bought the tree just for her amusement. I can just picture her right now, no one is home, lying 2 feet up in the tree just as happy as can be, and I have to laugh.

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