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Golden Weekend

I was astounded to find a great, shining, yellow orb in the sky this weekend. It has been long since I was able to enjoy the warmth of the sun as my ghostly moon-tan can prove. I believe spring may just be here. Spending an afternoon of backyard lunch, gardening, and soaking up some rays was just the thing needed this weekend. I like all the seasons for their own merits and feel pretty content when they start to change.This weekend was a nice lazy weekend, the kind where you don’t really have anywhere to be or anything set to do. We ended up running a lot of errands on Saturday and getting through some ongoing projects at home. Sunday we always start by attending church. We were able to sleep in as I won’t have to sing in the 8:15am service until Palm Sunday. When I sing we have to be there at 7:30am which means leaving home at 7:00am at the latest. Afterwords we were able to visit with my parents and brother for a little while. After that we went to visit Brandon‘s mother and also his grandmother who came down from Minnesota this week to stay for a month or so.Our lazy weekend ended up being not so lazy after all as is usually the case. Next weekend we are on a chili team for our church’s annual chili cookoff to support the missions trips in the church. Our team leader says he usually wins every other year and this year he is due. It should be fun helping out more this year, I am making a side and hopefully it will be submitted for the side dish prize. I have to find the perfect recipe for some yummy jalepeno cheese cornbread which I plan to make from “scraps” as my uncle likes to say. No cutting corners for me, I’m a glutton for punishment.

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The Birthday Boy!!

Cutie Collin
“Oh, did you guys want some cake too?”

We ventured to the attic of Texas to help celebrate my dear nephew’s 1st birthday this past weekend. He is actually a Valentine’s baby, much to my tough little brother’s chagrin. It was so good getting to see them all again. Now that they live 6 hours away we don’t get to see them much. Bryan pulled out all the stops and made some awesome fajitas for all of the adults to enjoy. As you can see Collin much preferred HIS cake. He took to it like a champ, smashing both fists down in it as soon as Ann set it down in front of him. The cameras flashed as he smeared himself with the cake. He was really enjoying himself. When Lindi took the cake away he gave her a glare and a grunt as if to say, “Hey, I wasn’t finished with that.”He has really turned into Mr. Personality since we last saw him around Christmas time. He isn’t walking yet but he can stand by himself if he doesn’t realize he’s doing it. He doesn’t speak any intelligible words yet. He babbles with great intent to himself and anyone who will listen. He likes to wrinkle up his little nose just like I remember his daddy doing when he was a wee one. And he sure has a temper; (also like his daddy) we were treated to a throw-back temper but it didn’t last very long.The weekend was entirely too short and we didn’t get to spend nearly enough time visiting. Hopefully we will get to see them all in two weeks when we are supposed to be doing a huge group camp out in the hill country.

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