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Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone, too quickly I might add. So much has changed in the last year that I have hope this year may bring some exciting changes as well. I am no longer bothered by change. The biggest change for me is my stronger faith. I don’t have all the answers, I am far from that, but I no longer worry about the mundane things in life. Why bother? I am open to the possibilities God has in store for me.This year we hope to finally go on our honeymoon. When we married 2 years ago we were hit hard financially. Brandon was in an accident that totalled his truck a week before our wedding and my car was stolen 2 months later, so for a week we had no transportation. It was pretty pathetic but I have to laugh at all of that now. I look back on that first year of marriage and it was HARD but we survived. So where do we want to go for our honeymoon? That’s the hard part, at first we said it would be fun to go to Australia but we would need a lot of time off to make that worth our while. I would like to go up to Maine and Nova Scotia during the fall since it is my favorite time of year and I have heard first hand the views are spectacular. Hopefully we will work all of that out soon.Next month will witness the birth of my “first” nephew. Brandon has 3 nephews and 2 nieces, 4 of which were born before we married, but none of MY siblings have had any children yet. Collin is due February 17 which is the day after Bryan, his father’s birthday. It will be exciting because we will actually be there and get to meet him, my brother actually thinks we are important enough for that. 🙂 So I will have to get in plenty of baby snuggles before my mother graduates from college in May. After that she says we will have to go through her.

In March my older brother will be getting married to a wonderful woman, Jessica. I always joke that she doesn’t have to marry him, we will keep her and get rid of Jeff. Then at the end of March they are moving away to Arizona. It will be an adventure to start their life away from family, I am kind of jealous. 😉 There is nothing like being newly married and having family CONSTANTLY telling you how to live your life.

So that is the outlook for the next couple of months. I look forward to the unforeseen adventures that will come our way.

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