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Mischief Managed!

Brandon‘s co-workers decided to dress up and have a costume contest for Halloween. At work they have nicknamed him “Harry” because he bears a slight resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. He even has one thing in common with Harry that Daniel Radcliffe does not, green eyes. He figured he wouldn’t disappoint his co-workers. He seems to love to wait until the last minute for everything and this was also no exception. Yesterday evening he went around to a party store (jam-packed of course) for face paint, hair dye spray, and a robe. He wasn’t able to find the robe after looking there and a few other places so he decided to just where a hooded sweatshirt. He also stopped at a home improvement store to get a dowel, duck tape, and electrical tape. He then stopped at an office supply to get laminating strips.When he got home I decided to take on the challenge of fashioning him a wand. I took the dowel and wrapped it in many layers of black duck tape, then finished the top with brown electrical tape. I wrapped many more layers at the bottom for a handle. It was quite fun to make and turned out looking pretty good. He couldn’t find a red and yellow striped tie so he stuck with a red and used yellow tape to make stripes. He also made his Hogwarts patch by printing out the logo, laminating it and pinning it to his shirt.

This morning I helped him coat his hair in black spray, that stuff gets everywhere. I even found some when I went to blow my nose later (ew!) I also painted on his scar using red face paint and brown and beige eye shadow to make it less glaring.He ended up tying for 3rd place. When he got home that evening he had black dust everywhere. His face looked sooty and the back of his collar had collected a bunch as well. All in all I’d say we did a good job, especially since he waited until the last minute. I was just sorry that he didn’t have a robe, that would have been the perfect final touch. Oh well, next year!

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Earlier today my wonderful husband informed me that he was taking dinner duty tonight and I had the night off. Of course I happily agreed. I was able to come home and at my leisure finish the book I had a few pages left of, do my cardio salsa workout, and sit around. It’s nice to not rush-rush for once. Brandon has been wanting to try the absolutely delicious looking Steak Sandwich courtesy of The Pioneer Woman. The smells coming from the kitchen are absolutely divine.I always feel very special when Brandon does the little things for me. Cooking is not something that comes naturally to him. The man can multi-task on a computer to the point he has so many tabs and programs open it makes my eyes water and my head spin. He can write complex programs and edit pictures quite deftly but nearly loses his head when it comes to recipes. Knowing that he is sacrificing his precious time to make me some yummy food which I could probably do in half the time makes me feel pretty darn special. (Can you tell that “acts of service” is one of my primary love languages?) So I have given him some helpful pointers and left him to work some magic. Did I mention how wonderful it smells?Growing up Brandon wasn’t given many opportunities to help out in the kitchen. One of his “favorite” phrases is, “Watching is helping.” When I tease him with it I get the sarcastic smirk and annoyed eye-roll and coming from this easy going boy, that is saying something. His PSA is: Parents let your kids help you out no matter how much time you “waste”. Who cares if you can do it twice as fast. By helping out as a wee one it builds skills and confidence. (And character, mustn’t forget character.) It makes for a self-sufficient child who when he grows up doesn’t have to subsist on ramen noodles, corn dogs, or pre-shaped beef patties. And he is able to give his loving wife a break on the cooking once in a while. I have to go, I hear him scooping that tantalizing meat on the rolls.Edit: All right, you HAVE got to go try those sandwiches!! Good stuff!!

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