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On the Road Again

Today we woke up bright and early and headed north to Slide Rock State Park. It was definitely nice to see some trees again. Slide Rock was pretty cool. First we hiked around and climbed the rocks a bit because the water was super cold. A couple of the kids were brave enough to take a slide but I’m not that nuts. When I finally did get in it was breathtakingly cold. I mean it was so cold that you feel like your insides are growing numb. We did have a blast. I didn’t take the big plunge though. There is a big rock cliff under a bridge that makes boys into men. It’s a good 40 foot jump. Many climb to the top and look down in fear. They sit on the top trying to psyche themselves up only to climb back down in shame. My nephew Joseph decided to become a daredevil and took the jump quite a few times. There would be all of these trash talking guys standing up there calling each other wusses (and far worse) and here comes this skinny little twig of a 12 year old who doesn’t hesitate and runs clear off the end. If I learn how to post video I will add one of his jumps. We spent most of the day there and moved on to Sedona for a bit of site seeing. It’s a very artsy place with lots of big houses and resorts. I got to test my parenting skills when we went into a “glassables” shop. My SIL Jessica sent her three boys to sit outside as there were plaques throughout the store reading, “You break it, you buy it. Turns out I should have sent my “boy” out too. He was admiring a glow in the dark glass cube and decided to show it to Kat. When he was setting it back on it’s precarious corner on it’s pedestal it fell off onto the shelf with a loud thump. Yes, he broke a great chip out of it and ended up having to buy it. The store owner was very nice and only made him cover her cost of it (about half) and sent him on his way with it. I kept my cool and didn’t yell at him because it was only an accident. He said to me later, “Why couldn’t I have chipped a neat looking one. Instead I get stuck with an ugly cube.” Oh well.We stopped at Ann’s favorite, Cracker Barrel before heading to our hotel to get some much needed rest.

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