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Do I Have To?

Yesterday I was finally able to resume exercise after getting so sick in mid April. It took me over a month to get back to my former state of energy. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing athletic and outdoorsy stuff, but I am by no means an exercise fan. Disguise it as fun and games and you don’t realize you are getting exercise and it is great. Just jogging, not so much. I have to force myself to go. You know, gotta keep that bad cholesterol down and that joint pain and fatigue at bay.

One place I love to go is the huge urban park a few miles away. When you are amongst all the trees you kind of forget you are in a huge city and how terribly hot and humid it is. They have a 3 mile jogging loop which is excellent for people watching. It is so amusing to see the different categories of people out there.

  • Marathon Trainers – Don’t get in their way, they’ll knock you over as they weave their way in and out of the jogging loop while utilizing nearly the entire acreage of the park.
  • The Lean, Fit runners – These folks loop past us 3 times as we unfit joggers struggle to make our way around once.
  • The Consummate Businessman-They are busy hashing out a business deal on their “crackberry” as they run while not getting out of breath. (How on earth do they do that?) Seriously, unhook for 30 minutes and relax.
  • The Stroller Brigade – I applaud these moms (and dads) for getting out and finding some time to jog.
  • The Beauty Queen – These chicks are out there in full make-up, perfect hair, and color coordinated outfit; they are definitely out there only to exercise. 😉 It makes me feel like I’m in college again. They are easy to notice in passing as you choke on their cloud of perfume. Also look for the itty-bitty jogging shorts pulled down to a precarious level.
  • Dog Walkers/Joggers – I get my dog fix as I admire the different cute dogs as they walk/jog by. Yesterday I spotted a beautiful chocolate lab mix running ahead of it’s master. The dog was definitely frolicking happily while looking back at master as if to say: “This is fun, boy I’m glad we came, come on, you can do it, faster, faster, run faster, wow, this is fun!” I have also seen a woman on a leisurely stroll with her toy-sized dog of some flavor in a specially crafted doggie stroller.
  • Leisurely Strollers – These people come in regular clothes for a nice stroll through the trails. (Probably to people watch) +10 for the ladies out in their high heels. (on gravel paths, ouch!)
  • Can You Hear Me Now? – Same case as the businessman, only they are on personal calls. Again, unhook for 30 minutes and relax, do you really want the world to know in full detail how drunk you got last weekend?

And by far the largest group:

  • Regular Joe/Jane – These folks don’t care what they look like as they work up a sweat and proud of it.

At least all of this makes the horrid task of jogging a little bit more entertaining.

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There once was a potentially wild woman called Andrea. She was really special because she was ahead of her time. Everybody awaited her arrival with baited breath. Then she decided she wasn’t ready for her close up and turned and fled.All the world’s a stage and there is always a fresh excuse for some drama. The meteorologists and media were becoming quite giddy that there was a sub-tropical storm brewing and it was going to hit land! They dug out their dire predictions about how this is going to be the worst-possible-hurricane-season-EVER!! Everybody panic!!!!And then, the storm was downgraded and not expected to hit land. You could hear the utter dejection in the meteorologist’s voice as he forlornly proclaimed, “Well, (sigh) Andrea isn’t doing to well…” (His exact words.) He really did sound like someone had just shot his puppy.

Because a storm of any kind raining down its fury on anyone is a good thing? The total destruction and devastation it can bring is a good thing?

And thank you for personifying a storm.

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This Just In

News anchormen never cease to amuse me with their wit. Yesterday afternoon we had some spectacular thunderstorms. In our northern counties there were even tornado warnings. Since tropical storm Alison hit a few years ago any kind of weather is a major event in the local media. We like to poke fun when we see a reporter standing in ankle deep water, gravely speaking of wide spread street flooding in all of their dramatic glory. I had Brandon pause the DVD we were watching just so I could see what they would come up with on the 10pm news. I wasn’t disappointed. They reported high winds, hail, and an unconfirmed twister. They showed clips of limbs laying across roads, uprooted trees, and damaged houses. They aired interviews with overly excited, cream of the crop eye witnesses. Then came the gripping, ratings catching, Emmy winning commentary;”Nobody was seriously injured but a tree branch did fall on a man’s head.”And then they segued into another story. That’s it? We looked at each other and both burst out laughing. Brandon kept repeating, “This is so wrong, but I can’t stop laughing.” And they make the big bucks.

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Why Is..

..the thought of cleaning out the closet so horrid you would do all the laundry, clean every single surface, paint the entire house inside and out, balance all your accounts and do your taxes rather than face the daunting task? But, once you have completed the task of reorganizing and purging you feel like even your soul is a bit cleaner
…it you check on your toast in the toaster oven and find it is hardly tan only to come back a mere minute later to find it a lovely shade of charcoal?Life’s burning questions! I hope you have enjoyed today’s journey in randomness, you can go back to your regularly scheduled day now.

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