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Wii Have Joined the Club

Yes, we are nerds. My husband has been wanting one since he heard about them. Then after playing a friend’s wii last fall he just had to have one. I would have liked to purchase one for him for Christmas but alas, I was too busy with work, wedding preparations, graduation parties, and shopping to be that vigilant. I settled on a car radio instead since his stopped working, so I’m not that bad of a wife. We received some Christmas money and decided we would use some of it for the wii. Fast forward to this Friday night, Brandon decided to start asking around at the local electronics stores. He found luck with one saying they would have a fairly large shipment in on March 9. He decided to ask another store within walking distance and they said they would have some in 36 hours and all he had to do was get there at 7am and wait for a voucher and then come back before noon to pick it up. So he did just that, while I stayed cozy in bed for another hour or so he got up to stand in line. He ended up being 4th in line and didn’t receive the voucher until around 9am. So on our way to church this morning we picked it up and finally had our wii. We think Nintendo does all of this on purpose, they keep the hype going and it keeps people interested. As we were standing in line waiting to pick it up a guy came up and wanted to know where we got the voucher from and Brandon explained what he went through. The guy just shook his head, said he had been trying to get one for a while. Later on we went to purchase games and accessories with a gift card he had received for Christmas. In keeping with our Financial Peace University plan, all we spent was $18 of our own money to purchase everything. Yes, we are such nerds.

Now, who wants to trade miis?

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In a few days time I will be the proud owner of this!! I started saving for a digital SLR camera last Christmas and when our anniversary came this year my wonderful husband told me he would cover the difference. It only took me 2 months to pick out the camera I wanted. I wrestled between the Nikon D40 & D40x and the Canon XTi Rebel. I did tons of research, weighed my options, went back and forth then finally in the 11th hour the Canon won out. I chose the Canon because it is the better camera between the 3 and it costs less. Besides, with the Nikon I would be pretty limited where lenses are concerned. I already own the film version of the Canon Rebel and will be able to use the great lens I already own with it. The only draw back I see is the Canon uses a compact flash drive where the SD drive is pretty much the norm. For years I was against digital cameras because film cameras produce better pictures. Now I know I will get great pictures with the digital and it makes storing and choosing the pictures to keep or get rid of so much easier. I am so excited to get started. Too bad I didn’t make up my mind sooner for my brother’s wedding this weekend.

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My Very First Computer

I finally, finally got my first computer. I made it through college without one; I simply trekked across campus to use the labs. So now, nearly 5 years after graduating I got my first computer. Brandon has an old mac lappy that while using it I always get an urge to drop it from great heights. I got so frustrated with it that I simply boycotted the computer at home, hence the lack of posts for a very long time. I don’t hate mac’s, but his is so ancient and sooooo s l o w. When it was announced that he was getting a nice bonus this year, he told me I could pick out our next computer and it is so nice. I can actually type sentences and not have to wait for the letters to appear while the computer strains to keep up with me. We have spent the last week or so getting everything set up and installed and now I am on the computer as much as he is. I don’t think he likes that too much.

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