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I Am a Bad Nurse

My poor husband is sick; he never gets sick. And when he gets sick he becomes the most pitiful, helpless creature on the planet. I would think he has the stomach flu because he said he was nauseous and had fever and chills but now I am wondering since there has been no “worshipping of the porcelain god.” Like I said above, I am a bad nurse. Last night I was worn-out and his “pitifullness” was wearing on my nerves. He kept asking me weird questions and I was pretty snappy with him. He also tossed and turned all night and that along with the strange dreams and the cat jumping on my head kept waking me up. Needless to say I didn’t feel particularly cheery when I woke up this morning. I decided to not let the rotten mood get to me and was extra nice to him before leaving for work. I brought him the thermometer so he could take his temperature (still over 100) and brought him juice and Tylenol. I also made sure he was comfortable, put things like his glasses, remote, and phone next to the bed so he wouldn’t have to get up much. I have tried to not disturb him by calling so he can get some rest. I will probably leave work a little early so I can go make sure he is ok and see what he feels up to eating tonight. Hopefully he will forgive me for being so “reowy” last night and won’t treat me too badly whenever I catch whatever he has.

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