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Chaos, Be Gone

Life has been so full of stress lately that all I want to do is find a nice quiet corner in the world to be alone with my thoughts. Ah, to be able to cast away all of the “nonsense” and not have to worry about what might pile up in the meantime. Work issues will just cease to exist, the bills would just miraculously pay themselves, the house would become spotless without having to lift a finger. It’s a nice dream. With time I have become better equipped to deal with stress, but now it is starting to affect me physically. The little pressures in life seemed to have piled up and created one big burden. I’m sure I could use a vacation as the last one I took was a year ago. Where to go? The possibilities are endless, it would be nice to be spontaneous and just take off on an adventure. Unfortunately the “real world” calls. I know life will go back to normal soon, I just wish it would hurry up.

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