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I will say that in the last couple of years I have changed from being an eternal pessimist to more of a realist. I’m sorry all of you optimists out there, I’m not quite there, nor do I ever think I will be there. I am comfortable with treating the world for how it is, not always seeing the negative or the positive.Where am I going with this? I have set and accomplished goals. I have conquered battles. But I am still stumped as far as my purpose in life and career goes. I suppose it is time to dust off my copy of The Purpose Driven Life. Maybe I just didn’t get it or perhaps I just wasn’t receptive to the message the first time around.I find that my problem is I am interested in a great many things. My brain is full of ideas but I haven’t been able to focus on one set career goal. I think it is wonderful when a child grows up knowing exactly what they want to do in life, goes to college to get the degree, and lands their dream job. Unfortunately, that isn’t me and it never has been. And unfortunately I am not able to be this free spirit and explore options in an unlimited amount of free time; I have bills to pay, college was expensive.

Am I disappointed that I am no longer interested in pursuing a career in my degree field? No, college taught me much more than how to design a “pretty” building. I will say that I am open to whatever may come my way. Like many others I am searching for my purpose and my meaning always remembering that it isn’t how God fits into my plans, but how I fit into God’s plans.

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