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2nd Place

Our church’s annual Chili/Gumbo Cook-off was held this past weekend with great success. We raised over $10,000 which will go to help the local mission team this spring to Comunidad de Gracia and the 2 Mobility Project mission teams this summer to Mexico.I am proud to say that our team took 2nd place for chili!! It was some of the best chili I have tasted and I can be unbiased because I didn’t cook it. Unfortunately I didn’t get to taste the winning chili, that team was all they way on the end of the last row and by the time I rounded that last corner I was pretty full of chili and side dishes. I did our teams side dish of mexican cornbread which didn’t turn out as well as it could have. That is usually the way it is for me, I make something then taste it and immediately devise new ways to make it better. For the record I think it needed more jalepenos then the recipe called for and it definitely needed some corn. In all there was an interesting assortment of things to eat. I got to try “armadillo eggs” which were hard to describe but very good and bunuelos and ice cream which hit the spot after all of that hot chili.All in all it was a great night of fun and fellowship. It was a perfect opportunity to raise money for truly worthy causes.

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