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Today we left to drive even farther north to the Grand Canyon. I naively believed the Grand Canyon wasn’t all that great and definitely wasn’t on my list of must sees. Oh how wrong I was. Pictures definitely don’t do it justice. (So now I will post some pictures.)Going out to the edge of the rim I was blown away by the expanse
of it all. I never expected it to be so big. You look over the edge and are at a complete loss for words. It did kind of look false to me, like it was the backdrop on a movie set. It’s just completely unreal.When traveling to the Grand Canyon you must take a few days to truly see everything that you want to see. You can not see everything in one day. There is a bus tour that takes you to different photo spots along the rim which you can only see on this bus ride. We did a bit of hiking down one trail. I only went about halfway down because Jessica started to get a bit winded and I didn’t want to make anyone else turn back. I was amazed at how different the same spot could look at different times during the day. Brandon and I have decided that someday we want to go back and take a backpacking trip down to the bottom of the canyon. It is the only way you can get to the bottom as it takes several hours to get down there and twice as long to get back up. I was also surprised to hear that if you want to take a mule down you have to book it a year in advance.In the picture of Ali to the left click on it to see if you can find some local wildlife. Unfortunately we didn’t get very many good picture of Joseph and Noe was particularly elusive it seems.I believe in Grand Canyon National Park I saw the greatest number of foreign tourists I have seen in such great concentration anywhere in the US. We came across quite a few Germans and saw a great many Asians.

All in all it is a definite must see on the list of places to visit before you die. Now go book some tickets, I’m sure it’s not at all busy during the summer.

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