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Starting a New Tradition?

My younger brother is getting married this weekend. Yesterday he was in a car accident. As he was merging around a freeway connector the person next to him changed lanes into him knocking him into an 18-wheeler. That made his truck start to fish-tail and he ended up sliding down the embankment onto the feeder road. He hit a pole on the way which stopped his truck from rolling. Neither the car nor the 18-wheeler stopped. He was totally unhurt and his truck is still fully functional albeit a little smashed in back. God was definitely watching out for him.This sounds all too familiar. The weekend before our wedding Brandon was in an accident. It was raining that day and he hydroplaned into the median wall. He got out to check the damage and then returned to the truck, put on his seat belt and made a call to his BIL who was somewhere ahead of him on the freeway. As he was talking a girl who wasn’t paying attention slammed full force into the back of his truck, picking his truck and spinning it 180 degrees so he was facing oncoming traffic. His truck was totaled but he was completely unhurt. God was watching out for him as well.I’m beginning to notice a pattern. One might say the signs were pointing to not getting married. I say it’s all a matter of perspective. I believe that Satan is very much against marriage, it goes against everything he stands for and he would do anything to break up a union that God put together. In these situations God was saying, “Oh no, you don’t! I have plans for my children and you aren’t going to keep them apart.” He put angels there to look out for them.On a side note after talking to my brother and inquiring whether he was alright he told me the ride down was kind of fun, “like Nascar.” WHAT?!?!?!?! Are you high?!?!?!Men!!

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