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The Cat and the Christmas Tree

Friday night we came home exhausted from a company Christmas party. We sat down on the couch to watch some episodes of Felicity but soon sleep overcame us. Around midnight Brandon shook me awake, “Rachel, the cat is in the tree” he said groggily. In my half-awake state, I thought he was speaking gibberish in his sleep. I looked over to the fully decorated and lit Christmas tree to see Chu lying placidly in full ‘tucked’ position about 2 feet up in the tree. Now I might expect that from a curious kitten but no, our 6 year old cat is boldly lying there blinking innocently at us. No wonder there is a great gaping ‘hole’ in the branches. I yelled at her and she immediately high-tailed it under the bed to escape the wrath of the squirt bottle. She believes we bought the tree just for her amusement. I can just picture her right now, no one is home, lying 2 feet up in the tree just as happy as can be, and I have to laugh.

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