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My Very First Computer

I finally, finally got my first computer. I made it through college without one; I simply trekked across campus to use the labs. So now, nearly 5 years after graduating I got my first computer. Brandon has an old mac lappy that while using it I always get an urge to drop it from great heights. I got so frustrated with it that I simply boycotted the computer at home, hence the lack of posts for a very long time. I don’t hate mac’s, but his is so ancient and sooooo s l o w. When it was announced that he was getting a nice bonus this year, he told me I could pick out our next computer and it is so nice. I can actually type sentences and not have to wait for the letters to appear while the computer strains to keep up with me. We have spent the last week or so getting everything set up and installed and now I am on the computer as much as he is. I don’t think he likes that too much.

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