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Ba Humbug!! ;)

There is something about Christmas parties that brings out the Scrooge in me. I have 2 down and 2 to go. After Saturday the “fun” will be all over. Maybe it’s just that I am going to all of the wrong kinds of parties. Yes, I am complaining, but I am “The Russian Judge,” so get over it. ;)First of all, I am confirmed for a party Saturday that I never said I would attend. It is a party that an older family member’s friend is throwing. Up until yesterday I had never seen an invitation for this party. I didn’t know what time, or even the date. How am I supposed to plan around something that doesn’t actually exist in my mind yet? Yesterday I got a forwarded email from someone else who is attending the party with a p.s. at the bottom saying, “I don’t have Rachel’s email address so could you please forward the message.” Yes, that makes me feel like coming. If it is so important that I am to come, you couldn’t have given me more warning then 3 days? I find it ironic that I have been lectured to (by these same people, no less) about the younger generation having no respect for the older generation. Well if you would like respect, kindly give us a good example to follow. :)Secondly, company Christmas parties are the biggest joke ever invented. You don’t have to go, but you don’t really have a choice either. If you don’t go, you get phone calls for 3 months from other co-workers asking, ” Why weren’t you there?” or “We sure did miss you at the Christmas party.” So the alternative is to bite the bullet, hitch on a grin, and attend only to watch co-workers get toasted and make complete fools of themselves. Alcohol should definitely be banned at company parties.

Allright, I was mostly having fun with that but it does feel good to rant a little. Merry Christmas everyone, may God’s love shine on you during the Christmas season and all year long. Cheers!!

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