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Lazy Day

After mentioning to Brandon yesterday that I was feeling really sluggish he suggested we take a short road trip to the beach. Today also happens to mark 11 years of togetherness for us. After starting out the day slow, we packed light and just took off. Since getting my new camera I have been trying to make it a habit to bring it with me where ever I go to get as much practice as I can. So it figures what we found when we got there. As we got closer to the beach we noticed some strange clouds on the horizon. It almost looked like a mountain range, the clouds were an odd reddish color. As we made it to the island we realized it was a thick fog. It felt like we were in a Stephen King movie, the day had been clear other than the fog so the sun was still trying to make its way through with no success. It was such a creepy, claustrophobic feeling. We got down to the beach and stood watching the waves and the surfers for quite a while and were able to watch the fog just roll out and the clear sky come back. We spent some time just walking before going back home. We decided to do something fun and easy for dinner so we made our own pizza which turned out well. It was nice to be able to have a lazy day especially when it seems we are always busy on the weekends.

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