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…It’s Super Dog!!!

This dog seriously cracked me up. Bryan and Lindi have the sweetest dog, she positively smiles when you go out to give her some attention. Before heading off to Bryan’s graduation we decided to put out the sprinkler to entertain Collin. For some reason he wasn’t having any of it, but at least Macy had a blast.

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Wii Have Joined the Club

Yes, we are nerds. My husband has been wanting one since he heard about them. Then after playing a friend’s wii last fall he just had to have one. I would have liked to purchase one for him for Christmas but alas, I was too busy with work, wedding preparations, graduation parties, and shopping to be that vigilant. I settled on a car radio instead since his stopped working, so I’m not that bad of a wife. We received some Christmas money and decided we would use some of it for the wii. Fast forward to this Friday night, Brandon decided to start asking around at the local electronics stores. He found luck with one saying they would have a fairly large shipment in on March 9. He decided to ask another store within walking distance and they said they would have some in 36 hours and all he had to do was get there at 7am and wait for a voucher and then come back before noon to pick it up. So he did just that, while I stayed cozy in bed for another hour or so he got up to stand in line. He ended up being 4th in line and didn’t receive the voucher until around 9am. So on our way to church this morning we picked it up and finally had our wii. We think Nintendo does all of this on purpose, they keep the hype going and it keeps people interested. As we were standing in line waiting to pick it up a guy came up and wanted to know where we got the voucher from and Brandon explained what he went through. The guy just shook his head, said he had been trying to get one for a while. Later on we went to purchase games and accessories with a gift card he had received for Christmas. In keeping with our Financial Peace University plan, all we spent was $18 of our own money to purchase everything. Yes, we are such nerds.

Now, who wants to trade miis?

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There once was a potentially wild woman called Andrea. She was really special because she was ahead of her time. Everybody awaited her arrival with baited breath. Then she decided she wasn’t ready for her close up and turned and fled.All the world’s a stage and there is always a fresh excuse for some drama. The meteorologists and media were becoming quite giddy that there was a sub-tropical storm brewing and it was going to hit land! They dug out their dire predictions about how this is going to be the worst-possible-hurricane-season-EVER!! Everybody panic!!!!And then, the storm was downgraded and not expected to hit land. You could hear the utter dejection in the meteorologist’s voice as he forlornly proclaimed, “Well, (sigh) Andrea isn’t doing to well…” (His exact words.) He really did sound like someone had just shot his puppy.

Because a storm of any kind raining down its fury on anyone is a good thing? The total destruction and devastation it can bring is a good thing?

And thank you for personifying a storm.

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This Just In

News anchormen never cease to amuse me with their wit. Yesterday afternoon we had some spectacular thunderstorms. In our northern counties there were even tornado warnings. Since tropical storm Alison hit a few years ago any kind of weather is a major event in the local media. We like to poke fun when we see a reporter standing in ankle deep water, gravely speaking of wide spread street flooding in all of their dramatic glory. I had Brandon pause the DVD we were watching just so I could see what they would come up with on the 10pm news. I wasn’t disappointed. They reported high winds, hail, and an unconfirmed twister. They showed clips of limbs laying across roads, uprooted trees, and damaged houses. They aired interviews with overly excited, cream of the crop eye witnesses. Then came the gripping, ratings catching, Emmy winning commentary;”Nobody was seriously injured but a tree branch did fall on a man’s head.”And then they segued into another story. That’s it? We looked at each other and both burst out laughing. Brandon kept repeating, “This is so wrong, but I can’t stop laughing.” And they make the big bucks.

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The Chu Strikes Again

I had to add a funny story. I always enjoy reading other people’s cat tales so IF anyone reads this thing I hope they can get a laugh. On Saturday I was incapacitated and asked Brandon if he would run down to the pharmacy and get me some Aleve to help with the pain. He made sure I was comfortable, left my cell phone nearby in case I needed him and left. The Chu was lying sweetly on my legs keeping me warm. The moment I heard his truck door shut she jumped down and then jumped on the desk and proceeded to make herself very comfortable indeed on the keys of Brandon‘s laptop. She knows good and well that he doesn’t like her on there. I weakly yelled for her to get off and then took the miniature stuffed cat Brandon left near me and threw it at her hitting her squarely on the hip. She didn’t even flinch. About 10 minutes later Brandon arrived home and when his truck door slammed shut she jumped down and came back to lay on the bed as if to say, “See, I haven’t done anything wrong.” And people say cats are stupid.

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The Cat and the Christmas Tree

Friday night we came home exhausted from a company Christmas party. We sat down on the couch to watch some episodes of Felicity but soon sleep overcame us. Around midnight Brandon shook me awake, “Rachel, the cat is in the tree” he said groggily. In my half-awake state, I thought he was speaking gibberish in his sleep. I looked over to the fully decorated and lit Christmas tree to see Chu lying placidly in full ‘tucked’ position about 2 feet up in the tree. Now I might expect that from a curious kitten but no, our 6 year old cat is boldly lying there blinking innocently at us. No wonder there is a great gaping ‘hole’ in the branches. I yelled at her and she immediately high-tailed it under the bed to escape the wrath of the squirt bottle. She believes we bought the tree just for her amusement. I can just picture her right now, no one is home, lying 2 feet up in the tree just as happy as can be, and I have to laugh.

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