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Under the Knife

I spent the entire morning getting informed about my procedures and signing consent forms. I feel as if I signed my life away. My head is spinning from all of the information I have to process. I found out that I will have additional procedures completed as well as the laparoscopy. It will last anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours depending on what they mightl find. So I should be able to go home by 2 pm tomorrow which will be nice, I have never been in a hospital bed before but I know I would much prefer my soft, cushy bed with my husband and my cute ball of fluff. And the doctor says I am allowed to go back to work on Monday if I feel up to it, though I am not allowed to do any heavy lifting for 2 weeks. It isn’t that I absolutely love work and can’t stay away, I would just fear the state of my inbox if I was away for too long. I am the only designer so if I’m not there to do the work, no one will do it. I’m trying not to be nervous or think about it too much, but of course that is more easily said then done. I trust that the Lord will watch over me and make sure I am safe. Wish me luck, I am otherwise healthy so I hope to be back up and running in no time.

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